PDT Norfolk's business plan provides a sense of direction and identifies short and medium term objectives as follows:

Short term aims (Year 1)

  • Communicating regularly with those having an interest in PDT
  • Involving Norfolk PDT patients in the work of the group, via the website, social media and seminars
  • Identifying suitable PDT research projects and actively fundraise to sponsor these
  • Communicating and interacting with other PDT groups in the UK and throughout Europe

Long term aims (Years 1-5)

  • Sponsorship of PDT research in the UK, and if appropriate within the EU
  • Influencing clinicians so that they consider PDT as an option on its merits in treating cancers and other diseases
  • Influencing Norfolk patients so that they ask for PDT treatment to be considered as an option in treating them
  • Where appropriate, influencing the NHS to offer Norfolk patients PDT as a means of early detection of certain cancers
  • Norfolk NHS hospitals to be persuaded to offer a wider range of PDT treatment to cancer patients, in addition to just the existing dermatology facilities

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