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The PDT Norfolk charity was founded in May 2012 and exists to campaign for a particular form of cancer treatment, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). This treatment has been established across various parts of the UK as well as across the world. It has shown itself to be cost effective as well as a less invasive treatment to some other options.

Norfolk has established PDT skin clinics in some hospitals but there are other cancers than can be treated with PDT. An example being head and neck, at present patients would need to travel to London for this treatment. Lung cancer has seen little change over recent decades with regard to the outcome for patients. Clinicians and researcher are working hard to develop new drugs and treatments in this area. This is something that PDT Norfolk is very keen to support. By working with clinicians in Norfolk, other parts of the UK and in the EU we will help to support research which will bring more treatments to local people.

PDT Norfolk's campaign, which is aimed at clinicians, researchers, cancer patients and the general public, will help to promote this treatment and the continued need for more research.

PDT Norfolk has already been supported by eminent Doctors and Professors with many years' experience in this field.

Earlier this year, PDT Norfolk was successful in securing a National Lottery grant to assist in promoting this treatment to patients and the public of Norfolk.

A broadly based communications plan has been developed to create awareness,
and improve knowledge, amongst a wide community of interested parties within Norfolk. This will include other cancer charities, cancer patient support groups, researchers, academics, oncology clinicians, nursing staff, GP's, Dentists and other health practitioners and the general public.

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