Major Centres

Some of the other major centres for PDT in the UK



The Scottish PDT Centre has the primary objective of providing PDT for cancer and pre-malignant conditions affecting a range of organs, and promoting the use and development of photo-diagnosis for early detection of cancer. The Centre has carried out over 4,000 treatments.

NEW:   Quotations from an interview with Dr Sally Ibbotson of the University of Dundee Ninewells Hospital and Medical School.

The Yorkshire Laser Centre

The Yorkshire Laser Centre is involved in research, treatment and training in the use of lasers in medicine, and is continuing to develop the effectiveness of PDT in different parts of the body and in the exciting new area of photo-detection (PD) a method of identifying cancers at the early stages.

University College London Hospital (UCLH)

UCLH has a leading role with regard to treatment and research into PDT. The Trust has Europe’s largest programme using PDT for head and neck cancers, having treated more than 1,500 patients. The therapy will soon be an option for the treatment of very early lung cancers in patients unfit for conventional therapy and preliminary clinical trials are under way for cancers of the prostate and pancreas.

The Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry (PCMD) - Clinical Photobiology laboratory

The main focus of the PCMD Clinical Photobiology laboratory and clinical research programmes is the causation, prevention and treatment of skin cancer, running an active dermatological PDT treatment service as well as a clinical and experimental research programme with a view to improving the effectiveness and diversifying the application of this treatment.

North West Lung Centre

Patients attending the chest clinic receive same day CT scanning and bronchoscopy, resulting in rapid detection, diagnosis and treatment. The Centre pioneered the use of endoscopic techniques to detect early signs of cancer such as fluorescence bronchosopy, where laser light is used to detect pre-cancer tissue. PDT is one of the minimally invasive treatment techniques given within the airway using a bronchoscope.

The Christie Hospital

The Christie Hospital’s School of Oncology delivers quality education and training within the hospital, as well as cancer care, treatment and services, including PDT, across the area cancer treatment network and throughout the country.

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