Leaving a Legacy

Remembering PDT Norfolk in your Will

A donor, Ron Breeze, who died of cancer in 2009, had stipulated that sums be donated to cancer charities, and his sister, Daphne Sutton, has chosen our charity as one of the beneficiaries.

By making a Will you can ensure that your wishes, and the people and causes you care about, are provided for. By leaving a gift to the PDT Norfolk in your Will you can shape the future of cancer treatment in Norfolk , ensuring that we can continue our work to save lives by spreading the word about PDT.

If you leave a gift, and you decide to let us know, you will be invited to join the Ron Breeze Legacy Society. As a Society member you will have the option of being personally kept in touch with the progress of our campaign.

If you are thinking about supporting us in this way, you can rest assured that today the process of actually making or amending a Will is relatively straightforward. Here are some of the things you may wish to consider:

Wording for your Will

If you decide to remember us in your Will, you may find it helpful to take this wording with you to your appointment with your professional advisor. They can then use it to incorporate your specific legal instructions into your Will.

General Legacy to PDT Norfolk:

"I give the sum of *£_________(or specify percentage of estate) to the PDT Norfolk PO Box 3550 Norwich NR7 7TY (registered charity number...to be added when known...........) for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Chair or other proper officer of the said PDT Norfolk for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy."

You can choose to leave:

A Pecuniary Gift - This is the gift of a specified sum of money. (It is worth bearing in mind that because of inflation the eventual value of this type of gift can be affected significantly over time), or

A Residuary Gift -This is where you set aside a portion or all of your remaining estate, known as the residue (what is left over after the payment of debts, funeral expenses and the costs of the administration, and all the specific and other gifts in the Will have been paid) for, or to be divided between named beneficiaries such as your relations or a charity. The advantage of this type of gift is that its value is not affected by inflation.

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