Patient Trials

  1. You may want to look for treatment that is not yet generally available but is being trialled. The main reason for carrying out trials is to determine whether one treatment is better than another. An advantage of being involved in a trial is that you may be given a new treatment that is better for your condition. There is of course no guarantee of this - it may turn out to be no better, or to be worse, than the standard treatment. Even so, during the trial, your treatment and progress may be monitored more closely than if you were receiving the usual treatment.

  2. There is also a wider benefit in that trials help increase understanding about a particular disease or condition. This may benefit you or others like you in the future. The number of cancer patients entering clinical trials has doubled in the last three years. This is one of the highest rates of cancer trial participation in the world.

  3. You cannot be entered into a trial if you don't want to be. If you're asked to take part, you're free to say yes or no at any time.For information on how to find out about and take part in a clinical trial, including one relating to PDT, go to taking part in Clinical Trials  Also see cancer Research UK’s site Cancer Research UK Trials We are in the process of compiling separate information about PDT trials – these will appear on this website.

  4. Before you agree to join a trial you will probably want to know the implications. See taking part in Clinical Trials for some useful questions to ask.

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